Gingerbread House With Butterscotch Windows

Gingerbread house 2013 2 

Gingerbread House 2013 4

I finished this year’s gingerbread house and it has butterscotch windows that light up!! So pumped on the windows 🙂  Not pumped on the fact that I was too impatient to wait for the walls to dry before I tried to put the roof on. Twice! I seriously broke the back pieces like three times!  Why can’t I just wait until it’s dry?!  I can’t stand the wait. haha  Oh well no one looks at the back right? I could decorate over it, but too many other projects to get to!

gingerbread house back 2013

So to make these totally awesome windows, I cut the windows out before I baked the pieces.

gingerbread windows

Then about 5 minutes before the pieces were done cooking I added crushed butterscotch candy and finished cooking until melted.

candy windows


cooked windows

I piped on the frosting details before putting it together. Then construction began…

gingerbread construction

WAIT for the walls to dry then add roof.

bare gingerbread house 2013

I kept the decorations simple this year and used red and green candy clay for the roof and trim. The windows are lit up with a strand of white christmas lights inside.

Gingerbread House 2013 4

Hey elf that is not your shelf! 😉

elf on the house 2


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  1. Josefina Nemerosky

    Is the recipe and stencil available for the gingerbread house? Thank you.

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