Hot Pink Hairdresser’s Jeep Cake

pink jeep 13

I made this cake for my hairdresser. She’s been doing my hair for over 10 years! She’s cute and girly but loves to go rock crawling in her Jeep. So what could be better than a hot pink, Rice Krispie treat Jeep to top the cake?

hot pink jeep 3

I wanted more of a whimsical, topsy turvy style cake, so I did some carving on this one.


Crumb coat frosting layer


Covered in marshmallow fondant


Layers are ready to stack


Added small dowels for support and stacked layers.


The decorating begins


Since she is a hairdresser, I put a salon chair and vanity on the bottom tier and giant scissors on the top tier.



Then for a final touch I added some silver zebra stripes.


pink jeep 8

back of jeep 2


Hair Dresser's Pink Jeep Birthday Cake

Hair Dresser’s Pink Jeep Birthday Cake



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  1. Pamela Bowls

    You are so talented! Everyone was jawdropped amazed at my super cool birthday cake! Im glad I gave you free reign to be your creative self. Not to mention the cake was very tasty! I enjoyed seeing it here and all the steps you took.

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